e-Επιμελητήριο - για ηλεκτρονικά πιστοποιητικά και πληρωμές συνδρομών χωρίς αναμονή


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Brief description

The cross-border (c-b) area of Greece and Albania is one of the richest areas combining natural resources and beauty, but still has not been able to develop a Local strategy in terms of a total Local Branding concept, having in cooperation Agrofood sectors, gastronomy, manufacturing, tourism and other sectors. BrandInode project aims to provide the area with such Local Branding based on a strategy, a cluster, a promotional policy and new innovative tools (physical & digital nodes) that will enhance the name of the area, differentiate it, attract new investments and young people, and increase the interest of entrepreneurship as a value, towards local and indigenous development. The project will work towards the design and development of activities that will: 1. develop a new Local Branding, promote the local natural distinctive characteristics, 2. motivate young people and entrepreneurs from all economic sectors to work together as a system and gain advantages, 3. provide the partners with the opportunity to promote all these in international exhibitions.4. provide members with state of the art innovative physical and digital tools, to increase competitiveness. The main activities include: 1.The establishment of a cluster, that will include private and public authorities and enterprises from producers to manufacturers, to hotels, trade shops etc, that aim to promote the Local Brand, the local area as a whole. This network will also elaborate specific certification procedures to provide with a local branding label and to support the enterprises and other bodies on how to cooperation, on Local Branding concept, on competitiveness and attraction of new investments. The members of the network will be included in an electronic database, linked to the website of the project that will provide the interested parties with all relevant information 2. The elaboration and development of tools for the development and promotion of the area and its activities. This includes a strategy and actions to promote the cluster, a set of digital tools that could easily be used by the members, in the logistic and value chains of agrofood sector and 3. the development of a physical node, that could be used as a strategic know how transfer point, where members of the cluster could promote their products, meet with each other and so on and create by that an incubator of knowledge. A second node digital this time will provide the area with the means to communicate with each other and to the rest of the world and easily use tools to make enterprises more competitive.