According to Law 2081/92, as it was modified by Law 3419/05, the Chamber of Ioannina (unified commerce-industry & professions-crafts) is a obligatory, integral and independent union of private and legal entities, which practice commercial activity in the Prefecture of Ioannina, it comprises a Legal Entity of Public Law and is under the repressive administrative supervision of the Minister of Development.



According to Law 2081/92, as it was modified by Law 3419/05:

The protection and development of commerce, industry, crafts and professions, of the sector of provision of services and exports, according to the interests and the aims of national economy, for its development and progress.

The provision to the state of advisory recommendations for every economic issue, including the relative Bills, always taking into account the economic development of the Prefecture of Ioannina and the serving of the general interest of national economy.

Provision to its members and to any interested party of advisory recommendations and information for every economic issue.

It should be noted that according to the above, the Chamber does not have a syndicalistic nature.


Administrative Committee of the Chamber of Ioannina


Administrative Council of the Chamber of Ioannina 2017 - 2021


  1. Gorgolis Alexandros : Trade of electrical appliances
  2. Devekos Michail : Fertilizers. Feed. Agricultural supplies. Construction of gardens.
  3. Dimitriou Dimitrios : Laboratory Microbiology
  4. Zouki Detsika : Trade of Shoes.
  5. Kaminas Vasilios : Trade of carpets and houseware
  6. Prokos Dimitrios : Trade of office equipment


Department President: CHRYSOSTOMOU EFTHYMIOS - Deputy: -

  1. Chrysostomou Eftymios : Processing and marketing of timber.



  1. Argyris Theodoros : Bakery
  2. Arletos Ilias: Electrical works on cars
  3. Giotis Christos: Electrical Engineer
  4. Dimitriou Vaios: Bakery
  5. Didaskalou Kyriakos: Timber
  6. Georgitsis Nikolaos: Plumber
  7. Liakos Panagiotis: Marble quarry. Earthworks.
  8. Mitsis Ioannis: Tax consultant.
  9. Baratsas Dimitrios: Metal Constructions
  10. Tsialios Kyrkos:Instulation and maintenance of pumps and compressors 
  11. Papastergiou Charilaos: Trade and marketing of awnings
  12. Saraliotis Georgios: Manufacturing and marketing of awnings and upholstery.
  13. Tsakanikas Nikolaos: Photovoltaics


Department President: GIKAS GRIGORIOS - Deputy: -

  1. Gikas Grigorios: Long-distance passenger transport


  1. Aslani Eleftheria: Private School of Foreign Languages
  2. Vasileiou Vasilios : Accountant
  3. Letsios Grigorios: Café
  4. Gremotsis Spyridon: Trade
  5. Thanasia Asimoula : Food Trade
  6. Kalabokis Nikolaos: Hair dressing
  7. Bekas Spyridon : Accountant
  8. Paparousis Christodoulos: Agriculturist - Business Advisor
  9. Pappa Vasiliki :Accountant
  10. Tatsis Christos :Food and Drinks catering services


The Chamber of Ioannina in a continuous fruitful offer


Action - Intervention - Development


The CCI intervenes

For the protection and development of the business world of the Prefecture of Ioannina, with advisory recommendations, memos, reports, etc. to the Ministries and the Departments of the Central Government, as well as to the authorities of the Local Societies, that is, to the General Secretariat of the Region of Epirus, the Prefectural Authority of Ioannina, the Municipalities and other Authorities of the Prefecture.

The CCI participates

In International, European, National, Regional and Local Organizations, Working Groups, Support Structures, Committees, etc., such as: the International Chamber of Commerce, the Eurochamber, the Central Union of Chambers in Greece, the Hellenic Chambers Transport Association, the B.I.C. of Epirus, the Science and Technology Park of Epirus, the K.E.T.A. of Epirus, Committees of the General Secretariat of the Region of Epirus, Prefectural and Municipal Committees, Tax Committees, Committees of the Organisation of Work-Force Employment, Committees and Working Groups of the University of Ioannina and of the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus, etc.

The CCI organizes

Info Days, Lectures, Round Tables, For a, Briefings, Trade Fair Events, Business Missions, Market Research, Studies, etc


Information - Guidance - Documentation

Visit us personally and meet:

Visit us electronically:

In the era of "Electronic Trade", those entrepreneurs that are interested in export, import, investing development, etc., are electronically "networked" with our existing but mainly with our oncoming electronic services. (website of the Chamber of Ioannina) (website of the Central Union of the Hellenic Chambers)

Provision of Services

The support of the Organization of Conferences, Events, Meetings, Press Conferences, etc. The Keeping and Updating of the General Members' Records, as well as of the Special Records of Members.
The computerized keeping of the records, for export of data to be used in business co-operation as well as in the drawing up of studies.

The support for the holding of the elections of the Members.
The care for keeping and functioning of the library and its enrichment.

The issuing of licenses:

The care and upkeep of the Organization.
The accounting support of the activities and initiative of the Organization.
Market Surveys
The market survey and study of the problems, which occur in the sectors of Commerce and Industry in the Prefecture.

The issuing of Certificates which concern:

Provision of Information to the Members on Legislation both Greek and European, which concerns them.
Provision of Information to the Members on Funding and Loan Opportunities.
Provision of Information to the Members on European Union Programmes and Initiatives.
The care for the editing, issuing and dispatching of the monthly bulleting of the Chamber.


Enterprise Europe Network - Ioannina


Business Support at Your Doorstep

The Contact Point of Ioannina of the enterprise europe network, the largest network for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Europe.
The Enterprise Europe Network is the largest network of contact points providing information and advice to EU companies on EU matters, in particular small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It provides services for international business co-operation, information on the EU policies, services for innovation and technology transfer as well as services for the encouragement of SMEs in EU programmes for Research and Technological Development.


The enterprise europe network-Hellas is made up of 16 organizations from all over Greece (Chambers of Commerce, Industrial Federations, Research and Technology Foundations and well established organizations in the area of innovation and SMEs), which are active in matters of international co-operation, innovation and technology transfer and it comprises a one stop shop for the enterprises which aspire to upgrade their products and services, by exploiting innovative technologies, business deals and research programmes from all over Europe.

Unique in its wide geographic reach and the wide range of integrated services it provides to SMEs and other business actors.

countries and services

A wide range of countries and services. A one-stop shop for businesses in over 40 countries coordinated action of nearly 600 local partner organisations, employing around 4 000 experienced staff working to support the competitiveness of EU businesses.
The network offers concrete and effective solutions to entrepreneurs and companies in more than 40 countries, including the 27 EU member states, three EU candidate countries (Croatia, FYROM and Turkey), members of the European Economic Area (EEA) and other participating third countries.

services for the small and medium enterprises

services for the European Commission
Through the internet, comments, views and observations of the entrepreneurs can be channeled to the those responsible and they can be incorporated in discussions for the mapping out of European policy concerning entrepreneurship, innovation and the economy of knowledge.

Associated Organizations

Organizations in which the Chamber of Ioannina participates and with which it co-operates


Organizations in which AN.ET./EP.I. participates and with which it co-operates



Business Support at Your Doorstep

The Chamber of Ioannina, close to the needs and the interest of its members, continuously evolves bearing in mind the rule of the provision of services, which give effective solutions to each problem that may arise to any business activity.
You, our members, "venture" with a strong advantage:
the reliable information.
As a partner, an advisor but also as a contender of better conditions and terms of business activity, the Chamber of Ioannina wants and can be continuously useful in your effort.



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GR-45 333
Ioannina GREECE








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